Founded by Noémi KAROLY in her belief, this young Hungarian woman has decided to create healthy and biodegradable clothes that are manufactured under fair conditions.

“The concept of the brand is to create clothes with the least possible ecological footprint. The Karolie clothing is made from natural fabrics certified by the Global Organic Textil Standard organization, attesting to the healthy quality and the ethical creation of the fabrics. […]
The products are composed of 100% vegetal materials that guarantee vegan and cruelty free clothes.”

Where are the clothes made?

“It was very important that the clothes are made in ethical circumstances that is why I chose workshops in Hungary. […]
In these workshops the tailors work in perfect hygiene and earn a decent salary. The workshops have modern machines in a large space that is clean and bright.”

Regarding waste, what does the brand Karolie offer?

“In order for me to create these models I had to look for specific technologies and solutions, for example, instead of using zippers, we use coconut buttons and cords of fabric. […]

During production, the employees try to produce the least amount of waste. The falling fabrics are collected by Bianka BALAZSI who makes unique carpets by a knotted technique invented by herself. This is the first collaboration between Karolie and RefRag (Bianka’s brand). […]

About the nature of the packaging, we use as little as possible to protect the products. All of our packaging is made out of recyclable paper.”

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